Unicorn Magical Poop Soap – Tutti Frutti Scent

We seriously think that there is nothing more magical than the fanciful unicorn. This mythical creature is known for its gracefulness, charm and of course, their legendary horn perched on top of their head. There are many things we assume we know about the rich man’s version of the common horse, but what we do sincerely believe as a fact is what the unicorn does when it needs to relieve itself. We personally believe that the unicorn can do no wrong. They only fart rainbows and stars, and the sound can be likened to wind chimes gently chiming as the wind grazes through them. The smell would only be of vanilla or cotton candy, and the poop?

Well, it is an entirely different thing from what we know and do as humans. You might be wondering why we are talking about these things, but we are getting to the point, we promise. You see, we found the funniest and we dare say, appropriate gift for the unicorn lover in your life, and that is the Unicorn Magical Poop Soap.

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Detailed information about Unicorn Magical Poop Soap – Tutti Frutti Scent

This vegan soap is what mythical dreams are made of – shaped in a classic three-tier poop swirl and in rightfully purple and pink colors with sprinkled glitter on top, this Unicorn soap is exactly what we think Unicorn poop is like if they ever did poop. The tutti frutti scent seals the deal for this hilarious yet adorable present that everyone will love.


Comes in a nice tin can which makes it ready to give as a gift

Cute and a great present for all ages

Has a nice-smelling, sweet berry scent