Vintage Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace

If you know someone who is into Alice in Wonderland, this is the thing they will go crazy about. The Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace is an amazing vintage accessory you can wear at an Alice in Wonderland theme party as well as in everyday life! Go back in time with this elegantly crafted vintage pocket necklace and watch. The drink me Alice in Wonderland themed quartz watch can be perfect to wear for Alice in Wonderland themed events and parties. The retro carved design is adorable and is practically weightless too. You can get the watch/necklace in a nickel or vintage bronze model.

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Detailed information about Vintage Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace

The time can be adjusted quite easily by pulling out the crown at noon and adjusting the hour and minute hands by turning the crown clockwise or in the opposite direction. This watch can be affected by a magnetic field and is not waterproof so try to keep it away from the water. This well-designed piece has the brass “drink me” tag and the rabbit head is placed at a nice distance above the clock face so that it’s easy to wear.