Miama Ivory Lace Tulle Backless Dress

Like the bride, the little princesses need to pop on a particular day. That means getting an outfit that matches the theme and feels attractive to them. Also, one should consider their comfort to ensure they can last the entire day shining in their little outfits.

On this note, why not get this Miama dress for the flower girls. It is designed with an elegant design in mind to spice up their look for the special day. The details of the dress will change up the girl’s look to something everyone will wow about.

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Detailed information about Miama Ivory Lace Tulle Backless Dress

The dress is made of a lace and tulle material which makes it perfect for a wedding ceremony or reception. The design features a lace bodice with a unique v-back style for extra detail. Also, it has a hidden zipper at the back with a big bow for the extra touch. These subtle details make all the difference making the dress to stand out from the usual flower girl's designs.

The dress comes in a bright ivory color which matches almost all wedding themes. It is a perfect fix for finding a suitable dress for the princesses. It is designed to flow to the knee making it a beautiful choice for a summer wedding. It can be worn on different occasions as well.