Knock Knock To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet

Do you know someone that is looking to get more organized in their life? Perhaps you know a busy teacher, a student heading off to college, a busy mom trying to stay on schedule, or someone working in an office who always seems to be making endless to-do lists. They need these sticky notes!

Complete with different headings, this sticky notes packet is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a good mean for organizing their daily schedule. With headings ‘to remember’ ‘to do’ ‘to buy’ ‘to delegate’ ‘to ponder’ and ‘to put off’, they have thought of everything! Tasks can now easily get mapped out and crossed off as they get completed. This is a gift that you will be thanked for years to come!


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Detailed information about Knock Knock To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet

Do you like the idea of this gift, but want something a little different? You’re in luck! This packet comes in several different styles so that you can select the perfect gift. Want something more traditional? Get the design that features the days of the week. Looking to give some encouragement? Select the design that has sayings like ‘awesome’ ‘nailed it’ ‘yay’ ‘high five’ ‘thanks’ and ‘xoxo’!

Shopping for someone with a good sense of humor? Try the Honest Acronyms set complete with phrases ‘WTF’ ‘ASAP’ ‘OMG’ ‘FYI’ ‘BTW’ and ‘TMI’! Finally, you can also choose the ‘Tell it Like it is’ set complete with phrases ‘seriously’ ‘just sayin’’ ‘duh’ ‘whatever’ ‘blah blah blah’ and our personal favorite, ‘nope.’