OPENDGO Antique Harry Potter Writing Quill-Feather Dip Pen Set

Considering how ridiculously popular the Harry Potter series is, it is almost guaranteed that you have some die-hard Harry Potter fans in your life. Just in case you somehow missed out on the incredible series yourself, the main method of communication within the amazing wizarding world of Harry Potter is by letters sent with owls. The witches and wizards writing these letters don’t use pens, of course. Instead, they have lovely feather quills that they use to write their letters. So, there is no doubt that an incredible Harry Potter writing quill dip pen set will be the perfect gift for a Harry Potter lover!

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Detailed information about OPENDGO Antique Harry Potter Writing Quill-Feather Dip Pen Set

This super cool gift isn’t just great because of the novelty of it. It also actually works and is super fun to use! The feather is a real, natural feather that goes through a special process of sterilization and preservation to ensure that it is safe and that it stays lovely for a very long time. The metal dip pen attached to the feather is high-quality and comfortable to hold. It effectively picks up the ink and allows you to easily write in elegant writing. It even comes with a bottle of high-quality ink! The glass ink bottle even has the Harry Potter logo on the side for a really nice added touch.