Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

It might not be said out loud, but we believe that music is a window to a person’s soul. With music, you can express what you are feeling – if you are sad, you tend to listen to slow and sad music that makes you cry. If you are happy, you listen to more upbeat songs, dance and sing along to it. This is the truest with kids. They do not care what other people think when music comes on, as soon as the song plays, they will dance and sing to their heart’s desire.

And that is why we think you should support this type of self-expression by giving them this Karaoke Player by Singing Machine.

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Detailed information about Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

Not only does it come in two awesome colors (pink and black), but it will also definitely result in hours and hours of singing fun.  This portable karaoke player features a CD player in the front so they can just insert their CD of choice. If your kid has not memorized the words to the song, you can connect the player to your tv with RCA cables.

Our favorite thing about this cute karaoke player is the disco light effects that accompany the music playing, making your kid’s performance more fun and stage ready!


Lightweight, portable and is run by batteries so your kid can bring it anywhere

You can attach another microphone with its separate microphone jack

Separate microphone’s volume can be controlled

Comes in 2 colors kids usually like