40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Our 40th birthday gift ideas is filled with tons of items, including options for both men and women, and gifts at a variety of price points. 40 is totally the new 30 these days, and it is time to celebrate and live it up! If you are unsure what the perfect gift is for someone turning 40, you have come to the right place. Turning 40 really doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Sure, maybe other milestone events like turning 21 feel more exciting, but why not get excited about turning 40? Do you know someone who is turning 40? It is time to celebrate them! Whether or not they have a big party planned, you should absolutely get them a unique gift to surprise them with. Maybe it is your husband or wife, your child, or a close friend or coworker. No matter the situation, if someone is about to turn 40, it is time to start shopping for the perfect present. This is a complete 40th birthday gift ideas guide that will easily help you decide on the perfect item.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a 40th Birthday Gift

1. Put them outside of their comfort zone

Let’s face it, by the age of 40 you tend to get a little bit stubborn and set in your ways. Does that sound like your friend or family member?

It is understandable, but turning 40 can be just the opportunity to mix things up!

Consider getting them a gift that will force them to try something totally new and unexpected.

Even if they don’t love it, it is something new for them to try, and you never know, they may stumble onto a new passion they never knew they had!

2. Involve his or her family

Family is of major importance to most people in their 40s, so be sure to include them when thinking of the perfect gift!

This could mean either asking their opinion, getting a gift that the entire family can enjoy together, or getting something that includes his or her family (say a new framed portrait of the family, or a charm bracelet with everyone’s initials or birthstones).

3. Get sophisticated

By 40 years old you are definitely far too old to be sipping drinks from plastic cups!

A great gift idea is to invest in a nice set of drinkware (if the person drinks) or a related item that will totally upgrade what they have currently.

If they don’t drink you could consider upgrading something else, such as a dinnerware set, or a certain kitchen appliance.

4. Encourage them to stick with their hobby

It is far too easy to abandon your hobbies the older you get. By 40 years old, you are likely busy with work, children, family, and tons of other responsibilities.

Life certainly is busy, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to spend some time on your own passions!

Great 40th birthday gift ideas are the ones that relate to their favorite hobby or passion.

This can help inspire them to get back into whatever their hobby is, and is something you know they will love!

5. Invest in a staple accessory or item

Again, by the age of 40, it is totally time to have invested in some nice pieces for either your home, wardrobe, or office.

Maybe this is a nice new handbag, pen, wallet, or piece of art (just to name a few examples).

This is a great gift item to really wow your friend or family member.

If you don’t have the budget to get the gift yourself, join together with friends or family to get this as a joint gift!

6. Comfort items for the win

Cozy items like robes and slippers are nice at any age, but especially as you start getting older.

After a long hard day, there is just something nice about getting home and changing into something comfortable!

A nice new set of pajamas, a robe, or slippers can actually make for a great present. Trust us, they will put it to good use each and every day!

7. Go for (nice) food

Food is also always a safe choice when it comes to a gift, but this is the 40th, so consider going for something that is a bit more exotic!

There is nothing wrong with more basic foods, but consider stepping it up a notch this time around.

They will certainly appreciate being treated to something new and exciting.

8. Make them laugh

If you are shopping for someone who has a great sense of humor, play that up with your gift choice or with the card you get them! There are plenty of humorous gifts that have to do with turning 40, and they can really make the person laugh.

If you don’t know the person well, we recommend going with another idea. You don’t want to accidentally offend or upset them!

9. Reminisce

Have you known this person for decades? Maybe you went to college together, or it is your sibling or a childhood friend.

Take some time to think back over all the good times you have had over the years and use that as inspiration for your 40th birthday gift!

Whether you have a humorous take or go for something more sentimental, this will make for an excellent present that they will certainly cherish forever. It is also one of a kind!

10. Go for the experience

Finally, the older you get, the more you realize how short life really is. Making great memories with friends and family starts to get a lot more important, so consider gifting experience for their 40th birthday gift!

This could be something as simple as a dinner out, or as elaborate as a weekend getaway. It isn’t about spending a lot of money, but rather about spending quality time together and making priceless memories!

40th Birthday Gifts that Won't Be Forgotten

For some, turning 40 feels sort of depressing. You thought you were old turning 30? Well gee, now another 10 years has gone by!

However, as their friend, you need to help make sure they are not feeling down on their special day. After all, age really is just a number. Who cares how old you are!

Of course, what goes hand in hand with a party? Presents! If you have been invited to the 40th birthday, you have got to come up with the perfect gift that your friend or family member will love.

If they aren’t planning a party, why not try and set up a surprise party for them? At the very least, make sure you get them a gift to show them that you are thinking about them!

Our 40th birthday gift ideas guide, in particular, is a great place to check for inspiration, as it is filled with ideas that are perfect for anyone turning 40.

Whether it is your mom, your son, or your best friend (or anyone else) you can find a gift that they will be sure to love.

A Selection for 40 Birthday Gift Ideas for Men & Women

Our talented team has curated this list in order to include items that are perfect for both men and women spanning a variety of interests.

Whether they are the typical business professional, the goofball, someone who loves to travel, enjoys to cook, or drink wine, play sports, or anything in between, we have thought of everything!

Help them keep that positive mindset by celebrating them on their birthday and getting them a thoughtful gift they are sure to enjoy.

Check out our gift guide and see what you find - we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift right away!

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