Crystal Stone Set – for Zen, Calmness, Meditation & Relaxing

Mental health and the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit is crucial. But life happens, and tough times come and hit bad leaving us unfocused and unbalanced.

With all these going on, self-care becomes extremely important. Good sleep and healthy eating are crucial for your well-being, but as a person, you also need self-care to get better.

This includes taking breaks, visualizing positive life mantras, and ensuring you are physically okay. But as a human being, you need a little extra care for ultimate self-care, and that’s how crystal stones come about.

Crystal stones have been in use for centuries as a self-care set or gift for a good reason.

They are believed to have incredible powers of healing and positive energy. They are natures gift to help us balance the mind, restore our bodies, and bring a general state of well-being and calmness in our lives.

Have someone in your life who could do with sessions of self-care? Sure, a hug could do but how about you show them how much you care about their well-being by giving them this crystal stone set by Sparkle Rock Pop?!

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Detailed information about Crystal Stone Set – for Zen, Calmness, Meditation & Relaxing

Inside the set, you will find Black Tourmaline which, according to the seller, is a badass stone that is believed to provide protection, happiness, luck, and grounding. It repels negative energy to allow you to relax and live peacefully (everyone needs this stone!)

There's also the Blue Calcite stone which calms you down and takes away those crazy voices in your head. You only need to hold this stone, believe in its calming power, rest and relax!

And then there is the Amazonite which is a striking light turquoise stone believed to be the truth and communication stone. It also calms the energy surrounding you so that you can focus on your self-care.


A gift set containing different crystal stones

A perfect combination for self-care

Comes well packaged in a drawstring bag