Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean Coffee

If you know someone who loves coffee and loves bourbon, this is your lucky day! Oak & Bond Coffee makers have come up with a single origin Brazilian coffee, whole bean, that is aged in hand-selected lightly used bourbon barrels that have been made from oak before roasting the beans to a rich medium roast.

This process allows the raw bean to extract not only the sweetness of the Kentucky bourbon that was aged in it but also all of the subtle nuances that the oak itself imparts, subtly flavoring the whole bean and eventually the coffee as it would a fine wine. When you put that together with the already distinctive Mandarin orange, chocolate and caramel notes of this single origin Arabica coffee, there is a melding of flavors that must be experienced to be believed.

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Detailed information about Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean Coffee

This heavenly elixir, in keeping with the highest standards, is single sourced from a small family run farm in southeastern Brazil. This family has been farming the best beans for many, many years, passing down the family secrets of consistently producing only the finest quality beans generation after generation.

The oak barrels that are used to age the coffee beans have been used prior to age Sweet Kentucky Bourbon.

  • Made from Brazilian single origin Arabica coffee beans
  • Aged in oak barrels that have been lightly used to age Kentucky bourbon
  • Packaged in quality valve type sealed bags for the ultimate freshness