The Oxford Companion to Wine – Hardcover

The Oxford Companion to Wine, Fourth Edition, is the quintessential encyclopedia on all things wine, and it will surely become an absolutely mandatory addition to any wine lover’s library.

This fantastic resource has made itself a must-have book for any wine lover.

No matter if someone is just a novice student of the charms of this beverage, an active aficionado, or a sommelier, they will find the information in this book to be invaluable just the same.

This in-depth book is dedicated to one of the world’s most ancient libations. It was written by Jancis Robinson and first published in 1994 to worldwide oenophile and epicurean acclaim.

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Detailed information about The Oxford Companion to Wine – Hardcover

The informative book has won dozens of awards including the Glenfiddich and Julia Child/IACP award and the James Beard Award for Beverage in 2016.

The book covers all of the different varieties of this wonderful beverage, the regions in which varietal grapes are grown, the science and study of wine throughout history, as well as the viticulture of this ancient drink, all things wine and much, much more.

Over 180 different contributors who are experts in the art of making, knowing and loving wine have had a hand in making what is quite possibly the most comprehensive book on the subject ever written.

The fourth edition contains revisions and updates to more than 60% of the information contained in previous editions.


Over 800 pages detailing every aspect of wine, covering production, types and regions and much, much more

The revised fourth edition contains hundreds of new and revised sections

Available in hardcover and Kindle formats