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Lenox True Love Guestbook with Pen Silverplate

Weddings are a perfect time for gathering all your loved ones and closest friends together.

Bearing witness to two people united in love is such an endearing moment and will go down as one of the greatest memories a couple can have because it is the moment they are officially starting their lives together.

In some countries, money is the perfect gift for newlywed couples. In others, home appliances or furniture are the usual presents, but have you ever thought of a little book that houses all the names of the guests that attended on your special day?

If so, we have the perfect little something for the couple that wants to remember everyone who made their wedding extra special – and that is the Silver Plated True Love Guestbook with Pen by Lenox.

This right here is by no means an ordinary gift but a gift filled with love, effort, and memories, where they can look back one day to read and relive that special day full of love and happiness.

Lenox True Love Guestbook is a guestbook perfectly made for weddings.

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Detailed information about Lenox True Love Guestbook with Pen Silverplate

The cover is silver-plated and comes with a pen for writing names and wishes.

It would be an awesome surprise if you take it upon yourself to let guests write on the guestbook and hand it to the couple after.

We can imagine that they will be totally surprised and at a loss for words. The busy wedding day gives them a bit of time to talk and spend time with their guests, so this little gift will really warm their hearts when they see the lovely messages their guests wrote for them.


Silver plated cover makes it sturdy and stand the test of time, symbolic of the union of two souls

Comes with 39 lined pages, back to back