Funny Stemless Wine Glass Set

If you at your wits end trying to figure out the best housewarming gift to celebrate the newest homeowner in your life worry no more. This stemless wine glass set from DU VINO will without a doubt impress the hostess and steal the show. It’s a fun gift that will undoubtedly guarantee you lots of laughter the moment the receiver unwraps the gift.

This set is a great gift for about any occasion. You can give it out as a wedding gift, and it will be a hit. You can give it to your loved one or a dear friend on their birthday or as a Christmas gift. One thing is for sure, this set of wine glasses will be received with joy and lots of laughter, and the receiver will certainly love the whole set.


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Detailed information about Funny Stemless Wine Glass Set

But what makes this novelty wine glass set a funny gift? Each of the stemless wine glasses has a unique animal character and a funny saying which funnily gives each glass a unique style.

But these wine glasses are not just funny. The set has quality stemless wine glasses which are dishwasher safe. The prints on each of the wine glass are bold and read out pretty well. What more, the prints are well done, with the best quality and won't fade even with frequent washes. But even better, they are easy to care for; you can pop them in the dishwasher without worry.


Quality thick wine glasses with a pretty nice hold

The wine glasses are dishwasher safe

All the glasses have funny animal saying prints

The set comes safely and nicely packaged