Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Sometimes giving a gift to a family can be really difficult to choose. You want to give something that all the family can share, not just a couple of bottles of wine that only the adults can drink. The answer to the problem is the Connoisseur Gift Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets. Don’t be put off by the name; there is no wine in the basket at all. What you will find inside the pretty display basket is a really varied assortment of snacks such as two different kinds of crackers, some bacon and cheese spread, Hummus, two different kinds of cookies, three different types of chocolate truffles, chocolate and almond toffee, and two different types of chocolate. But that’s not all.

The seller has also included something to drink with all these sweet and savory snacks. How would you like to try some Ahmad English Tea because that is what has been included along with all the food.

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Detailed information about Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you know that what you receive is going to be really quality merchandize. The company has been supplying gift baskets for over 30 years so you would think they have got it right by now, wouldn’t you? Well they have.How about giving one to your parents at Christmas or maybe your son and daughter in law, or maybe just your best friend and her family? Whoever you give this thoughtful gift to will be grateful and will wish they had thought of such a marvelous gift too.

The basket measures 17” x 7” x 4” (when full) and there is an option when ordering to have a personalized message inserted with the gift so that the recipient will feel that this was chosen especially for them.



This gift basket will be a well-received gift for almost anyone

Good quality ingredients ensure that the recipient will enjoy this wonderful gift

The gift basket can be the one shown or if you visit the seller’s page, you can choose from a variety of different assortments