Wine Glass Markers by Best of Lucy

They’re a fabulous gift for wine lovers and party goers alike! These metallic wine glass markers are super vibrant which makes them clear and easy to read. They’re also non-toxic so there’s no need to worry if you accidentally ingest it. They come in 5 different colors including silver, gold, blue, purple and pink. Write your name on your glass or even draw on some funky decorations and ensure that no one steals your glass and you don’t steal theirs. And don’t worry about touching it and rubbing the name away because the ink is smudge proof! After writing, let it dry for around 10 minutes and you’re good to go until you wash the glass completely.

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Detailed information about Wine Glass Markers by Best of Lucy

The best part is these markers are multi-purpose! They work on all types of dry surfaces like windows, mirrors, ceramics and more. Leave inspirational messages to yourself or others on their bathroom mirror or write down important things to remember directly on the fridge. You can even give them to children as a safe coloring tool for them to draw on windows. It won’t be harmful if they get it in their mouth and wherever they draw. It will come off just with a quick scrub and some water.