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Tokaido Board Game – Out of Print Edition

If the family night board game picks are getting boring and old, then maybe it’s time for a new choice in the evening lineup. Playing the original Tokaido is a riveting experience while at the same time it is a game that encourages a zen-like feeling of calm, perfect for keeping the family night from getting ugly.

Tokaido may be just the ticket for changing things up. The nature of Tokaido is not one of direct competition, but rather that of soaking up as much as possible from the traveler’s experiences.

Rather than highly competitive gameplay and hurt feelings, Tokaido promotes a zen-like calmness that may very well make for a welcomed change from the usual antics that can accompany family game night.

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Detailed information about Tokaido Board Game – Out of Print Edition

Tokaido is a game that is set on the eastern coast of Japan, one of the most stunning regions in one of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth.

The object of play is to travel along the East Sea Road along the coast of Japan, all the while exploring the area and learning as much as possible about the areas visited and the different cultures that live there.

The “most initiated traveler” or the person who discovers the most captivating or interesting things while on their travels is the one who will ultimately win the game.


This particular edition is the original design that at this time is no longer being produced by the manufacturer

The original Tokaido features beautiful graphics and artwork

Gameplay that promotes exploration and learning rather than the cut-throat competition of most board games

While the game is easy to learn, there are deeper strategies that one learns to master Tokaido