Fred EGG-A-MATIC Hard-Boiled Egg Mold

It is crazy how themes have gone to as far as the food we eat. Previously, character themes would only work with outfits, and if it went beyond that, it would have to be utensils and usual stationery. But this has grown to make little snacks with nature-like themes.

One good example is this dinosaur mold for making skull-like eggs. This is incredibly fun to practice and creates a great moment boiling and enjoying eggs. The mold can be a lovely gift idea for friends and family that love hardboiled eggs and like to go an extra mile in making it fun.


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Detailed information about Fred EGG-A-MATIC Hard-Boiled Egg Mold

The egg mold comes in a skull-like shape of a dinosaur so one can create an egg in the form. So, how does that work? It is a simple process and does not require any expertise to get the perfect dino-skull egg. After boiling the egg for about 10 to 15 minutes, it is advisable to remove the egg, take out the shell and place it inside the mold.

At this point, the egg should be warm enough to take the shape of the mold. It needs to remain in the mold for a few minutes until it cools down to room temperature. After this, a perfect form of a dinosaur skull will be the result. This mold is super fun to use for both adults and children and will spice up breakfast meals.