Unstable Unicorns: Card Game Review

Everyone has a best friend. For some people it is the people you go to school with, your coworkers, your mom, or hey it could even be your pet. Regardless of the culture, race, or person, everyone has got a few people that they can truly call their friend. We spend time with our friends, laughing, joking, crying; they are the people we go to when we want to celebrate and the people we turn to when we need a shoulder to lean on. One of the things that many people do together as friends is playing games. Especially if you are at a party, you most likely are able to play games. Now, what does armies, unicorns, and your friends all have in common? Well, you’ll find out in the game called Unstable Unicorns!


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Detailed information about Unstable Unicorns: Card Game Review

What is Unstable Unicorns? Unstable Unicorns is a card game that could potentially destroy all of your friendships, but not in a bad way. Directly on the box its says, “Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now.” The goal of the game is to build a unicorn first before the rest of your friends. The way you do this is pretty simple, yet you need to have a strategy as this game does involve strategy and skill. You have to find and capture enough unicorns to then place them in your stable. Then, you essentially have to protect your stable of unicorns utilizing the magical powers of the unicorns, special upgrades, and even downgrades at times to try and be the first person to get all the unicorns! It is a combination of tower defense style games mixed in with magical unicorns and cards! The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8 players. The game is best played when you have more people involved, but sometimes that is not possible. The hard part of the game is trying to keep your unicorns alive and grow your unicorn army, but all that depends on the magical abilities of the unicorns you capture and the upgrades you place onto them!