Le Chateau Wine Decanter

This lead-free crystal decanter is a perfect gift for the fancy wine lover. It is a step up for many people who are typically straight-from-the-bottle consumers.

This decanter will help any wine aficionado friend to take their alcohol consumption to the next level.

The item is made from one hundred percent lead-free crystal and it is hand blown to the perfect carafe shape. This Le Chateau wine decanter will surely add radiance and elegance to any room.

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Detailed information about Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Decanting wine frees the liquid from its restricting bottle and allows it to breathe, oxygenating the wine and releasing the complex layers of its aroma and flavor. It is intended for use with red wines, such as Italian Barolo of French Bordeaux. The process of decanting allows the tannins, a bitter preservative note in many heavier reds to dissipate.  This allows the bitter flavor to fade and the other, cleaner and fruitier notes to come through to the surface. In addition to the elevating flavor of the red wine, this decanted will also elevate the appearance of the wine collection. With a crystal decanter like this one - everyone who comes over will surely be impressed with its looks and quality.