Spa Gift Basket

Spoil and pamper someone you love and care about with this lovely spa gift basket from Lovestee! Give a thoughtful gift of relaxation to that special someone who could use a day off. Give them just the right ingredients to keep them calm and to relax their body with a wonderful at-home spa experience.

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Detailed information about Spa Gift Basket

After a long busy day at work, anyone could use a little “me” time and what better way to make the worries melt away than a beautiful spa experience. It’s designed to calm your mind and reduce your stress levels so your loved one could enjoy a little pampering to kick-start her mind. From soaking to moisturizing and cleansing, this gorgeous bath set has all the essential pampering tools you need to enjoy a luxurious at-home spa experience. Designed to keep your mind at ease and your stress levels lower, this spa gift basket will make a great gift to yourself but you’d feel much better giving this to your loved one and seeing them happy and fresh.