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Gourmet Slate Cheese Board

Cheeseboards are generally made from wood. That is all very well and good but wood sometimes, although looking very attractive, takes on the flavor of very strong and pungent cheeses if it isn’t cleaned properly.

It is far better to use a material that will not absorb odors and flavors and can be washed clean after every use. The ideal material for a cheese board is an impervious slab of stone such as slate or polished marble.

This board set is the ideal type of cheese board to suit all purposes!

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Detailed information about Gourmet Slate Cheese Board

The piece of slate measures about 16” x 12”, weighs about 4 pounds, and has four felt non-slip feet on the underside to protect your furniture against scratches. Any hostess in your life would be happy to receive a gift as great as this one!

Finally, when you clean the slate, all it needs is a wipe with a soapy sponge followed by a rinse with clean water. After that, dry the slate thoroughly with a clean towel. The cheese cutlery, however, is a different matter completely.

They are able to withstand cleaning inside a dishwasher along with the other cutlery. You can probably imagine many uses for this wonderful slate cheese board and stainless steel knives.


This is a lovely natural slate cheeseboard together with stainless steel cheese utensils

Comes with a piece of soapstone chalk to label the different types of cheese

Big enough to carry three or four substantial lumps of cheese as well as cold meat and sausage