Primitives by Kathy Box Sign Wine Coasters

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of cabernet or chardonnay after a long day at work? Bring out your long-stemmed glasses in front of the TV, on the back porch, or over the dinner table and relax. While there are a few people who will turn down a glass of wine, there are also some who will never, ever say no to one. This set of coasters is the perfect gift for that exact person—the one over there talking with a glass of Bordeaux in their hand.

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Detailed information about Primitives by Kathy Box Sign Wine Coasters

Each of these four coasters features a funny, wine-themed saying. The first says, “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” The second is, “You can judge with one sip but it is better to be sure.” The third says, “Don’t cry over spilled milk. It could have been wine.” And last but certainly not least, the fourth coaster declares that “Drinking wine is not my habit, it’s my hobby.” All of these funny sayings are sure to ring true for the wine-lover in your life.