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Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters – Set of 6

This set of 6 Cocktail bitters from Fee Brothers would make a great gift to someone who loves mixing drinks and experimenting on cocktails. It’s a perfect set to give to the hostess when attending a dinner or a cocktail party. It would be an appropriate little gift to carry to the hostess as a housewarming gift.

This set comes with 6 elegant hand-selected bottles with different cocktail bitters. These are top quality cocktail bitters that will, without a doubt, be worth every penny. The person who receives this set will not only get the greatest bitters they have ever had, but they will get a variety to choose their best flavor.

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Detailed information about Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters – Set of 6

This 6-bottle sampler set comes with a variety of options with excellent tasting bitters.  All the cocktail bitters in this set have incredible flavors that one would need to whip up innovative cocktails. What this pack gives you is everything you need to come up with exciting cocktails that will definitely go down with any drink.

For anyone who particularly likes bitters, this set will certainly impress them. If you know someone who is always experimenting with cocktails, this set will make a great gift to them. Each bottle is 4fl oz, and each has different flavors.


The set of six comes with incredible flavors for amazing cocktail mixes

The bottles come securely-packaged

The cocktail bitters are great for everyone including beginners

Great and a variety of options for experimenting