Fairytale Brownies Sprite Dozen Gourmet Chocolate Food Gift Basket

In truth, Fairytale Brownies are the product of a fairytale friendship between two people who met on a playground when they were still in kindergarten!

The friendship between owners David Kravetz and Eileen Spitalny flourished, and by the time they were in high school the two of them vowed that they would go into business together someday.

The culmination of this storybook camaraderie eventually led to the creation of Fairytale Brownies! This decadent and delicious sampler of bite-size delights will give you a little taste of the what this company has to offer.

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Detailed information about Fairytale Brownies Sprite Dozen Gourmet Chocolate Food Gift Basket

This is a tasty collection of some of the finest convections that Fairytale Brownies has to offer. The Kravetz family recipe handed down from Dave’s Kravetz’s mother makes what is quite possibly one of the best brownies ever!

This sampler offers a variety of 12 different types or variations of the family recipe original bar. These variations include a white chocolate bar, a classic walnut sample or one with pecans, a decadent cream cheese bar, in addition to variations with coconut, caramel, espresso nibs, raspberry swirl, mint chocolate, and toffee crunch. There is quite literally a treat for every taste.

Each individual treat is made with only the finest Callebaut chocolate. The Callebaut couverture chocolate company is one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries and is renown for making premium Belgian chocolate that is famous worldwide.


12 types

Belgian chocolate