Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks

This fun and fascinating Wine Wars trivia game by Joyce Lock will make an excellent gift to a wine lover in your life. So, if you know someone who passionately loves wine and probably collects vintages and never misses wine-tasting events, then this is the best way to challenge their knowledge of all things wine and the fruit of the vine.

This an interesting trivia game which can be played singly, or to make it exciting and fun, in teams. It is the ultimate wine battle that will challenge anyone to answer questions in various categories. It’s not just a fun game, but it’s also quite educative particularly to those who are new to the world of wine.

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Detailed information about Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks

Challenge your fellow wine lovers and let them impress you with their knowledge on Vine and Vino. How well do they know about wine production in the world? Or the process of growing grapes? Or even better, wine cellar, storage, tasting or selection? How about the Cork Culture? These and many more are some of the interesting wine categories included in this game.

It will not only challenge the newbies but even devoted oenophiles will most likely find some of the questions to be real head-scratchers. To make the game interesting, the author strikes a balance by including different categories and questions that challenge all levels from novice to experts. You will find hard and challenging questions, pretty easy ones, and several true/false, a combination that keeps the game going and makes it even more interesting for the players.


A fun and educational game

Familiarizes one to all things wine

Joyce Lock is also the author of Foodie Fight and has received certificates in culinary arts, wines, and spirits


The quality of some of the boards is not as good as expected