Primitives By Kathy Single Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder is a great gift for any wine lover. It has the perfect modern country vibe. The wine holder can be bought as a gift for a friend or a family member that loves wine and keeps their decor in a rustic kind of a style. Many people have large collections of decorative items from this particular brand because they have shown that they can produce the most creative items for any home. Primitives by Kathy are responsible for the design and execution of this lovely wine bottle holder.

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Detailed information about Primitives By Kathy Single Wine Bottle Holder

This great wine box can be added to any friends' repertoire of matching items and they will be all set to have a perfectly on-theme wine bar. Measuring seven and a half inches tall, nine inches long and five inches wide - this sturdy wooden box fits all standard wine bottles as well as those that are few sizes bigger. Perfect for the avid wine drinker, this box sports two different funny sayings, one of each side of the holder. One side reads 'when wine goes in wisdom comes out' and on the other side it reads 'this may be the wine talking but I love wine.'