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Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Baskets and Sets

What do you buy as a gift for the person who is a bit fussy about what they eat? Why not have a look through the specifications of the Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Baskets and Sets by Stonewall Kitchen. This set (and we are talking about the three-piece White Birch Basket) is the quality food gift basket that anyone would love to receive.

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Detailed information about Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Baskets and Sets

This breakfast gift basket contains: 1 x 12.5oz jar of Wild Maine Blueberry Jam; 1 x 8.5oz bottle of maple syrup and 1 x 16oz Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix. Stonewall Kitchen also supply seven other gift baskets containing varying quantities and various items of the high quality foodstuffs that people have come to expect from Stonewall Kitchen.

The various gift baskets ensure that you have the opportunity to buy exactly (or almost exactly) what your loved one wants and needs. All the gift baskets include some of the best of the ranges of jams, syrups and mixes that are available from Stonewall kitchen. These are a perfect way to make sure your loved one has a good breakfast before the busy day that everyone seems to endure in the modern world.


The Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Gift Basket supplies everything that is needed to provide a delicious and satisfying breakfast

All the best quality ingredients go into the products supplied by Stonewall Kitchen

These gift baskets supply eight different combinations and quantities of good wholesome breakfast foods, that anyone would love to sample