Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet

Imagine cooking lots of food at once. Maybe even cooking different pieces in the same pan? All of these while being able to cook it all effectively without any additional worries or pans. Now, this is possible with the new Master Pan non-stick divided skillet! The master pan is a remarkable product that one of the most practical culinary pieces ever made. It will literally cut the cooking time in more than a half as opposed to using five different types of pans. The pan features not one but five divisions in which can be cooked more than 3 types of food.

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Detailed information about Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet

The pan will be a great gift for anyone who loves to cook! It can be considered as a family gift as it will serve everyone in the family at once. The fact that the pan is compartmentalized is its biggest advantage over other regular pans. It can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can serve as a cooking platform for a group of people. It features a stainless steel which has a scratch-resistant coating to protect the skillet. Another really great thing that makes this pan awesome is that it is dishwasher safe and there is no need to be washed by hand.