Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet

What if there was a way to cook lots of food all at once, as well as getting more than thing into your pan, AND being able to cook it all effectively without having to wait the extra minutes for everything else to finish?  We introduce the Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet! The Master Pan Non-Stick Dividing Skillet is a remarkable too. It will literally cut your cooking time in half as opposed to using 5 different types of pans. How does it do this you may ask? Well, it is a skillet, or well, a ‘special’ skillet that is literally ‘divided’ into sections as the name says.

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Detailed information about Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet

The way this was created is a story that may seem rather familiar. A husband one day was going to make his family a nice big breakfast. He had asked his kids and wife what they had wanted. When he started listening to all of the orders, he realized he would have to be making TONS of food; not mention the fact everyone wanted something different. Some wanted scrambled eggs, others wanted it fried, some wanted bacon, others wanted sausage, and then lastly, some wanted pancakes, and the others wanted waffles. Sound familiar? He then decided to create this new skillet that would meet his family needs in a way he could make all those things they asked for, but in one pan. The pan itself is 100% cast aluminum that boasts an energy efficient base that will evenly transfer heat across the skillet to cook the food effectively. Lastly, another really great feature is the skillet has an ergonomic bakelite handle that is oven safe up to 350F. In total, the skillet is divided into 5 compartments and is a 15-inch skillet.