Hickory Farms Celebration Spread

Who doesn’t love giving and receiving food for the holidays? This Hickory Farm Celebration Spread will be a welcome gift for anyone and at any time!

Giving or receiving Hickory Farm gift boxes for the holidays is as traditional as mistletoe and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus. And the reason they have become such a holiday tradition is that they are consistently fantastic year after year.


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Detailed information about Hickory Farms Celebration Spread

Their beef summer sausage has become synonymous with the Hickory Farms brand and it is loved universally. The variety of cheeses in this gift box is unsurpassed and includes smoked cheddar blend, farmhouse cheddar blend, smoked gouda, white cheddar, with harvest vegetable blend, mission jack blend, and a wonderful creamy swiss blend.

These cheeses are accompanied by two flavors of crackers including toasted crackers along with an olive oil and rosemary cracker, both wonderful paired with any of the cheeses in this gift box. There is also a jar of sweet and hot mustard to serve with the crackers, sausage, and cheese, and for dessert, there are strawberry bonbon candies.


Four 10 ounce packages of Hickory Farm’s famous beef summer sausage

Six different varieties of cheese

Two types of crackers, sweet-hot mustard and strawberry bonbons for dessert