Neoflam Ceramic Nonstick Heart-Shaped Egg Pan

Looking for the perfect gift for a special someone? Maybe they are into cooking as well? This is a gift that combines love and food and everyone knows this is a pretty unique combination! The ceramic heart-shaped egg pan is now available for everyone. Just imagine owning this and serving up breakfast in a shape of a heart. It is really adorable and practical gift that anyone would love. Also, this pan is nonstick and easy to use. It is recommended by many chefs from all around the world.

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Detailed information about Neoflam Ceramic Nonstick Heart-Shaped Egg Pan

With this pan, the breakfast can be served in a new and fun way. The nonstick base and the heart shape are just an added bonus to the overall practicality of the pan. Neoflam's Ecolon coating on the surface will ensure that the pan will be spotless while serving up the best eggs. Additionally, it is scratch resistant and very easy to clean.