Shaped 3D Skull Silicone Ice Cube Molds

For the person who has everything, these skull-shaped ice molds are the perfect gift! These uniquely shaped ice cubes are the perfect addition to any Halloween party or for any other special occasion! Totally unique, these ice cubes are great conversation starters and can turn any average looking drink into something totally photo-worthy!

Specs: This item is a silicone mold that can make 4 skull-shaped ice cubes at once. Each ice cube is about 2 inches tall and almost 2 and a half inches wide. Simply fill the silicone mold with water, add the lid, and pop in the freezer! This mold is safe and non-toxic, BPA free, and even dishwasher safe!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who loves hosting parties. This is such a fun addition to any person’s party decor list and is great for Halloween parties in particular. Great as a housewarming present or even as a hosting gift for your favorite party host, they are sure to love these totally unique ice cubes!

What we like: We like how easy it is to fill these molds and freeze them. A lot of ice cube molds don’t have a lid but this one does which makes it a lot easier. You can also throw this in the dishwasher which is a great perk as well. The large size of the ice cube is also really nice, you’ll really be able to see the details of the skull when the ice cube is this size. You won’t want it to melt!

What we don’t like: We do wish that one mold could create more than 4 ice cubes, if you want to have a large amount for a party you will have to be sure to plan well in advance, or stock up on numerous molds!

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Dishwasher safe


4 ice cubes only