Ceramic Egg and Toast Salt and Pepper Shakers

What are the best things for breakfast? Eggs and toast of course! Eggs are the mainstay of a good solid breakfast that will keep you going all day and bread gives the carbohydrates needed for body fuel, and they are both so easy and quick to prepare too. But this egg and toast is a bit different to the usual, it is a salt and pepper shaker set!

This ceramic Egg and Toast Salt and Pepper shaker set from 180 Degrees comes in a gift box, ready to wrap for your loved one.  You can just imagine their face when they sit down for breakfast expecting to have their scrambled, poached or sunny side up together with the white, brown or sourdough and instead see the cute condiment set standing in front of their plate.

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Detailed information about Ceramic Egg and Toast Salt and Pepper Shakers

There is no way that these can be mistaken for the real thing however as the set is made from ceramic and both have a cute little face on the front. This would be a lovely gift for mom or dad on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Just imagine carrying their breakfast tray into their bedroom and laying it onto their lap. It would also be a good gift for granny or granddad when they come to stay. Many families have a child who is a fussy eater. We all know how much of a nuisance they are when they won’t eat what everyone else is eating. Why not try giving them their own salt and pepper shaker, it might just do the trick and help them to eat the family meal by making meal times fun.


These are made from glazed ceramic so they won’t harbor dirt and can be easily washed

The funny faces and cute smiles on this egg and toast set are just made to help the kids eat their food


The specifications don’t say whether this set is dishwasher proof