Sempli Cupa-Vino Clear Aerating Wine Glasses, Set of 2 in Gift Box

If you or someone in your family enjoys partaking of the occasional glass of wine then you will understand the reason behind allowing the wine to swirl and exposing it to the air. Swirling a glass increases the surface area of the liquid in contact with the air, with the subsequent result that the wine oxidizes and releases the specific flavors of the wine.

Traditional wine glasses always have a stem under the bowl, but in fact, this is superfluous to requirements both aesthetically and functionally. A new type of wine glass such as the “Sempli Cupa-Vino Clear Aerating Wine Glass” from Sempli, does away with the traditional goblet style and instead looks at the purpose of a wine glass from a completely new angle.

Each Cupa-Vino glass is specifically designed to allow the wine to swirl while not having a fragile and superfluous stem to worry about.

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Detailed information about Sempli Cupa-Vino Clear Aerating Wine Glasses, Set of 2 in Gift Box

The shape of the bowl is possibly unique in design, having a conical base, allowing the bowl to tilt slightly onto its side and roll gently while swirling the wine. The shape of the glass fits easily into the palm of the hand and stands firmly onto a flat surface when needed.

Each glass measures 3.75” high x 4” diameter and has a volume of about 10 fl oz. This item is, in fact, a set of two aerating wine glasses presented in an elegant and sophisticated gift box. The glasses are ideal for using everyday or for special occasions, cocktail mixing, dinner parties, weddings, or wine tasting.

Along with the elegant gift box they would also make a lovely gift for an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or for a corporate gift for that special contact. Each glass is made from lead-free, hand blown, crystal glass which ensures the purchaser always receives the highest quality product.


Aesthetically pleasing stemless wine glass

Designed to assist in aerating the wine inside the glass

Hand blown from lead-free crystal glass