Oh, for Fox Sake – Stemless Funny Wine Glass

What do we when the going gets a little bit tough? Worry about it or just remain cool and carefree like a fox lover who would probably wonder why you are stressing over the situation when you can let it be with a simple “oh! for fox sake?

The fox, as we have been told by the old folks, is clever and tricky animal and very intelligent as well. For someone who adores this mysterious four-legged animal, they probably see it as a symbol of encouragement and nothing but beautiful and so is their personality.

So how about you cheer up a fox lover with this funny fox themed wine glass and add a little bit of charm in their fox life. In fact, this stemless wine glass will be a fitting gift if the recipient also happens to be a wine lover.

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Detailed information about Oh, for Fox Sake – Stemless Funny Wine Glass

This is a unique wine glass that makes a perfect novelty gift idea. You can gift it to your best friend to celebrate her birthday or as a Christmas gift. It would make an awesome gag gift to your favorite colleague in the office. One thing is for sure; once they unwrap this present, there will be laughter and a cheerful moment.

The wine glass is made in the USA using top quality materials to guarantee a long life. You can be confident that it would be a lasting gift to the lucky person who receives. Of course, they should not drop it, since after all, it’s a glass, but with proper care, it will last longer.


Quality glass with permanent imprint

It's dishwasher safe

Carefully packaged in a durable gift box