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Stem Spring: Set of 6 Multicolored Wine Glass Markers

A wine drinking spree always comes to mind when hosting a group of friends. That could be a game night, a birthday party or dinner at a friend’s place. But, as much as people want to enjoy the wine, confusion always arises with the mix up of glasses on a shared table.

Now, the solution to this has been made easy by this set of wine glass markers from True Décor. Never again will friends have to guess their drinks while enjoying wine together. The glass markers can be lovely gifts for friends and family that love hosting guests and throwing parties.

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Detailed information about Stem Spring: Set of 6 Multicolored Wine Glass Markers

The set of markers comes in different bright colors for each person to differentiate their wine glass from the rest. They come in a spiral design which fits all-around the wine glasses stem. They are super easy to place and curl up to mark the glasses.

The charms are made of silicone material which is designed for flexibility. This feature makes it easy to fix the markets around the stem of the wine glass even when it has wine in it. They are perfect for parties, cocktail hours, bars, birthdays, etc.