Contemporary Barrel Wooden 8 Bottle Wines Rack

We all have that one friend or family member who has a distinct taste for the finer things in life. From the way they dress, the food they prefer to the wine they drink, best believe that they will only get the best of the best. They probably have a wide array of expensive wine lining up their kitchen shelves, all waiting to be tried and popped open.

There is one thing you have noticed though – a lack of wine holder. Then suddenly, an idea pops in your mind. In your head, you ask, ‘What if I give them a wine holder so they can display their wine in style? Or better yet, a wine rack!’ and as you pat yourself on the back for such a good idea then start to scour the internet for the perfect wine rack, you come up short.

But your search has brought you here, which is awesome because we have exactly what you are looking for. We bring you the contemporary Wooden Barrel Wine Rack by Puzzled!

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Detailed information about Contemporary Barrel Wooden 8 Bottle Wines Rack

This elegant wine rack is everything your recipient will ever need and more.

Apart from being able to store and display up to 8 wine bottles at the same time with its multi-tier shelves, you can also use the flat top of this cool wooden barrel wine rack as a table for serving your wine, as well as extra storage for more wine, because you can never enough.


Classic design adds a touch of sophistication to a room

The wine rack is actually lightweight and easy to move around