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Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection

A lot of people don’t realize that good wine needs to be aerated before drinking to produce a smoother more enjoyable bouquet. In days gone by this was achieved by decanting the wine from the bottle into a decanter and then pouring into a glass. These days we have items such as the Stemless Aerating Wine Glass produced by the Chevalier Collection Ltd.

The product comes as a set of two glasses and is both made from high quality, Pyrex Glass, which means they are more difficult to break and are dishwasher proof.


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Detailed information about Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection

This unusual wine glass has a few innovations that make it an improvement on the old method: the glass does not have a stem so that the glass is more stable when standing on a table and less likely to get knocked over because of its lower center of gravity; The glass has an inner compartment into which the wine is poured. There are a series of holes spaced around the circumference of the inner compartment through which the wine trickles into the outer glass.

The wine has now been aerated and the added bouquet with smoother texture will definitely be noticed by even the most inexperienced of wine drinkers.



This product will aerate any wine to improve its bouquet and texture

It is a simple and convenient procedure to easily aerate the wine

The wine glasses are made from high quality Pyrex so they are stronger and sturdier than normal glass and are definitely dishwasher proof