SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder for Wine

This is one of a kind gift that will surely be appreciated by any aficionado person. It is a patented design and it is called the SipCaddy Bath and Shower Portable Cupholder for wine. The SipCaddy was designed to hold all kinds of wine glasses and many more things too. It will hold just about anything from cans and plastic bottles to mugs and shampoo bottles. The high-quality, American-made suction cup that adheres this product to any non-porous surface weighs seven pounds meaning it can take the weight of the fullest glass of wine or a new bottle of shampoo.

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Detailed information about SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder for Wine

Ideally suited for placing on a glass, mirror or a smooth tile, this drink caddy will allow its users to take their bath and shower relaxation to a whole other level. It is created with a strong, recyclable and dishwasher-safe ABS plastic rim. This product is extremely sturdy and can be trusted to hold any cargo. This cup holder is designed and developed by a small team of experts, all of whom greatly enjoy their own drinks in the bath. The SipCaddy has been through many rounds of beta testing to ensure the highest quality final product.