Fall/Autumn Coasters for the Holidays

This set of decorative and festive coasters is a perfect item to have on hand for all of those dinner invitations and Thanksgiving/holiday parties as a unique and useful gift for the host or hostess.

They are also fantastic for having around the house to add a bit of flair when friends and family stop over to wish everyone “Happy Holidays”.

A Christmas cocktail will just seem a bit more festive when served on these stylish coasters and they will just add a little bit more fun to the holidays.

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Detailed information about Fall/Autumn Coasters for the Holidays

Bamboo customized coasters would make a great gift for anybody, but what a great idea for the host or hostess of a Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday party.

With this set, one can take a simple holiday greeting and step it up a notch by embellishing with a personal touch. Just add a family name and the year and poof, a personalized extra-thoughtful gift.

Take the “Blessings” coaster for example; just add “from the Hanson Family 2019” and an ordinary set of drink coasters becomes something unique and special.

There are over twenty different styles to choose from, all of which can be customized to the purchaser’s specifications.


Customizable with name and date

Over twenty designs to choose from

Made from beautiful and sustainable bamboo