FREEZE Cooling Wine Glasses

This innovative gift is sure to please any wine lover, helping them to keep their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature all through the night. Created by HOST, an internationally recognized leader in beverage engineering, this award-winning glass is precisely engineered to chill any drink to its perfect serving temperature. This is one of a kind product that solves a lot of problems regarding glasses and beverages. Firstly, it has a really nice and round shape that will prevent drinks from spilling and second, it has a special freezing function that will leave the drinks at the most perfect temperature for consuming. Always ready to pour and drink with these cooling wine glasses. Cheers!

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Detailed information about FREEZE Cooling Wine Glasses

These glasses feature a proprietary cooling gel that will keep the drinks in it fresh as ever. The person who gets these glasses as a gift won't have to refrigerate or ides their white, rose or sparkling wine beforehand ever again! Once they have this fantastic gift in their possession they would be able to feel its power and practicality! Now everyone can simply pour the drink straight into their Freeze Drinkware Cooling Glass and this innovative technology will cool down any beverage from a room temperature to the optimal level of chill. Ready for consumption on the go!