Suck UK BOPIRATE1: Pirate Bottle Opener

People always like to be given a novelty bottle opener and corkscrew at Christmas time. They are great for giving as a stocking stuffer or even as a main gift alongside a bottle of their favorite tipple, whether it be a crate of beer, cider, wine or something a bit stronger. This novelty “Pirate Beer and Wine Bottle Opener” from Suck UK is just such a bottle opener.

Not only is it a useful tool for opening just about any bottle of booze, but if you look at its appearance it is designed to be a peg leg pirate. Just what anyone would need!

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Detailed information about Suck UK BOPIRATE1: Pirate Bottle Opener

Whatever the reason for giving this wonderful yet novelty gift and whoever you give it to, you can be assured that it will brighten up the table or counter in any establishment and will be sure to give an element of fun to the occasion.

The blades and corkscrew are made from stainless steel so they won’t become rusty or taint the taste of the beverage, while the handle is a plastic, soft to the hand if the tool is to be used all day and every day. The easy-grip handle is designed so that the operator has full control when removing the crown caps, foil or corks from the chosen containers.


This novelty pirate bottle opening tool is not only a bit of fun, but it is also a high quality and functional tool that will last for years

Contains all the different tools that are needed to open beverage containers

Fun enough for the home yet practical enough to be used professionally