Wine Condoms

Protection is really important. Every informed and educated person on this planet knows this fact. However, readers should know that not only people need protection but wine bottles need it as well! Before everyone gets confused, let us explain. We present these wine condoms. They have the shape and look of a regular condom but they serve a completely different function – preserving wines! With this kind of condoms now people can make sure that their wines do not go spoiled once they take out the cap of the bottle.

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Detailed information about Wine Condoms

These wine condoms are the world's perfectly functional wine stoppers. They are made with shrink-to-fit technology to create an airtight seal on the bottle. They work on both beer and spirits bottles and do not add extra height at all. These condoms fit perfectly into a pocket or a wallet and can effectively prevent unplanned wine spillage. They will keep any drink safe and fresh too!