Gifts for Artists

Artists bring so much creativity to our lives, don’t they? No matter what medium they use, their craft results in beautiful pieces that brilliantly show off how talented these individuals truly are. Do you have a close friend or family member who is an artist? Finding them the perfect item can be challenging, but we are here to help. These gifts for artists guide was created just for artists and is filled with tons of inspiring, helpful picks that any artist would love - no matter what they do! From painters to sculptors, photographers, writers, you name it! If they are creative, this is the gifts for artists guide you need. Even if you are not an artist yourself you can easily find a unique, thoughtful present that any artist will surely love. Search through our list and see what you find, you are sure to find something in no time!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for an Artist

1. Update their tools

Whether this is a set of pencils, brushes, or even a new camera, if the artist you know is working with outdated tools, a great gift to give them is to give them an upgrade!

Make sure you do your research first and get them something they will actually want to use and that is a step up from what they already have. When in doubt - ask!

2. Help them display their best pieces

Some artists have no problem displaying their art, but others are a bit shyer! Help boost their confidence by getting a certain display item that they can use to put up some of their pieces.

This might be a frame or a stand depending on what type of art they produce. This is sure to make them feel really good about themselves and is sure to be very much appreciated!

3. Sign them up for an art class (and join in!)

There is always room for improvement, right? A great idea for an artist is to sign them up for an art class, even if it is just a fun one night class that they can attend and show off their skills while also maybe picking up a few new tricks. To make this gift even better, join in with them!

4. Be careful with technology

There are some really cool sketch and paint technology products out there for tablets, but not every artist wants to go the route of technology!

Be sure you know what the artist in your life likes - if they do enjoy technology, this is a great idea. If they are more of a ‘traditionalist’ it probably won’t be!

5. Help inspire them

Even the most talented artists go through periods of time where they lack inspiration! Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful books out there that help boost creativity that any artist would appreciate relying on from time to time.

6. Get creative yourself

Seriously! You may not be an artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try!

Any true friend or close family member would really appreciate that you spent the time to make them something, even if it isn’t up to the same level skill-wise as the art they can produce!

7. Rely on humor

There are plenty of funny art gifts out there, believe it or not! That can serve as a great theme for your gift, especially if the artist in your life is quirky and has a great sense of humor. The gift of laughter- there’s nothing better!

8. Make their life easier

Being an artist is great, but that means that sometimes things can get pretty messy! A great idea is to get them something that will make their life in some way easier.

From unique brushes to pans that more easily hold paint or move with you, there are a lot of ingenious ideas out there that any artist will certainly appreciate.

9. Turn to history

Any true artist will have an appreciation for art history, and that gives you plenty of ideas! Do you know their favorite artist?

Look up some cool history books or movies or other related items and give that as your gift - it is sure to be their new favorite!

10. Help them relax their muscles

Have you tried holding a paintbrush all day? Guess what - it makes your hand tired! If you know a full-time artist that suffers from hand cramping, a great idea is anything that will help their hands and hand muscles relax. Not only will it feel great, but it will also get them back to painting much quicker!


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We know What Gifts Artists Appreciate!

It can be difficult to shop for an artist, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t deserving of a special little thing on their birthday, graduation, anniversary, or over the holidays!

Their creative spirit and insane talent is something that doesn’t just bring joy to them, but to everyone around them!

Do you have some art in your homemade by the artist in your life? That makes them an even more special person to you, and you need to find them the right pick!

Thankfully, you don’t have to be the next Picasso in order to figure out the perfect option to get.

Instead, our team has curated this list of artist gifts that are filled with the perfect items that any artsy person would love.

From Professionals to Hobbyists, We Got Picks for Everyone

Whether you know someone who is a professional artist, or just someone who does it as a hobby, art likely plays a major part in their life.

A great way to support their love of art is to get them a thoughtful gift! This doesn’t have to mean something that they can use in their art studio (but it could be), it can also be something unique that an artist would appreciate - whether it is a book of art, unique piece of art that they can add to their home, or something else!

If thinking of the perfect gift is stressing you out, not to worry. You don’t have to know anything about art in order to select the right pick.

Our guide is filled with a variety of items so that you have plenty of choices (but not too many!) Best of all, they are all perfect for any artist!

Who is the artist in your life? Maybe it is a parent, spouse, sibling, or close friend.

Not only do these people mean a lot to you anyways, but their love and talent for art also make them that much more special! Celebrate their love of all things creative with the super cool item.

Start Shopping: We Got Something for Every budget!

From tools to books, to personalized items, there is something for every artist on this list. Whether you want to help them improve their work or simply want to admire it, you can find something on this list that will be perfect for them.

Perhaps a nice frame or stand to display their latest work, or new brushes to help them improve their painting, there are so many possibilities!

Come a birthday or over the holidays is the perfect time to brag about just how awesome the artist in your life is.

If a special event or holiday is coming up, it is time to start shopping. Check out our artist guide and see what you find.

We are sure you’ll land on the right pick in no time at all. What are you waiting for? Start shopping today!