The Original Buddha Board

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to use a Buddha Board! This clever gift is perfect for budding artists, for anyone who wants to learn brush painting, practice how to use the brush for watercolour strokes, for kids who are at the age where finger painting is just too childish.

This is the original and authentic Buddha Board. It is so easy to use. All you do is fill the base of the stand with water, rest the Buddha Board in its groove and then dip the supplied bamboo brush into the water and draw, paint or write anything whatsoever onto the surface of the board. When the board becomes wet the brush mark shows up as if it were a deep black Japanese ink drawing. Wait a few minutes and as the water evaporates so will the image disappear and you will be ready to draw something else.

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Detailed information about The Original Buddha Board

This is such a good way to practice your handwriting, learn Japanese calligraphy, paint simple and bold images and then just let them go. This is the perfect Zen exercise, encourages one to live in the now and teaches that all things are temporary and it doesn’t matter one bit that they have gone. Teenagers especially will find this really cool as will most adults when they have got their head around the fact that no matter how good or bad the painting is, they all disappear with time.

Yes we know it is frustrating to put in a lot of effort into the drawing or writing and then see it just disappear but the effect is so calming that it is a kind of meditation, perfect for us all in our OCD and hectic lifestyles.


Lovely way to teach the concept of letting go of material things

Suitable for all ages but remember that extremely small children may be a bit rough with the board

Helps to encourage hand eye coordination in children and helps to keep joints supple in the elderly