Greatest Songs Of The 1940’s

The forties were very interesting years. Starting off in the midst of the Second World War and ending in a time dedicated to reparation and rebuilding, the forties represent a very unique time in our history.

Relive this unique flavor of the 1940s with this 3 CD bundle containing the Greatest Songs of the 1940s.

Each CD comes with 11 songs for a grand total of 33 classic time tested songs, each guaranteed to make you feel the nostalgia and the signature groove that only songs from the 1940s have.

Dance, sing, or just listen along to great hits like “God Bless The Child”, “Swinging On A Star”, “Take the “A” Train”, or “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to name a few.

An amazing gift for seniors or anyone who enjoys vintage music!

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Detailed information about Greatest Songs Of The 1940’s

This is a great gift for senior citizens who may remember these songs from their youth. This will bring a smile to their faces as they fondly look back to the days past when these songs used to play on the radio for them.

Give them a piece of their childhood back through music (Studies have shown that music is very effective in bringing about memories; perhaps this CD will be the avenue by which you get a new story from your grandmother or grandfather!).

More than just that, this is also a great gift for those of you who love vintage music.


Great music to dance to

Includes a big number of artists

Great gift for collectors