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Artist and Art Teacher Shirt

Artists and art students traditionally have what is known as ‘style’. They are renowned for trying anything new and going out on a limb with regards to the latest fashions. This tee shirt itself may not be anything new or the height of style but the image of a cat based on the works of the famous artist Picasso certainly is. Whoever designed this clever logo certainly knows what catches the eye.

What more could any art teacher want as a gift from their students at the end of the year than this amazing Picasso style cat? And it isn’t only art teachers that will appreciate this either. Artists, sudents, art lovers, graphic designers, and even cat lovers will love this cool yet humorous arty tee shirt.

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Detailed information about Artist and Art Teacher Shirt

The tee shirt is supplied in three fitting styles, how many other tee shirt suppliers realize that men, women, and kids have different shaped bodies and want different styles in clothes? Well, this one does.

This brilliant gift will be appropriate for many different types of occasions: Birthdays; Christmas; Father’s Day; Mother’s Day; Graduation; End of college term. You can even buy and wear it for no special occasion at all, just to give people a giggle. After all, that is what life is all about.


A range of different sizes and styles to suit most physiques

These tee shirts have a good choice of colours available

The artwork and logo are witty and clever and a must for all art and cat lovers

The sellers realise that men, women and kids need different styles to suit their different physiques