The Art Book: New Edition

If you happen to be an artist or know someone close to you who is, you most likely see the world differently than everyone else. The leaves are greener, every architectural building is an opportunity waiting to be sketched, people’s faces have a structure to you that can be translated only on paper or your medium of choice. You are also probably influenced by the great artists from the past or present time, and their work drives your passion and style as you grow as an artist.

There are a lot of influential artists out there – if you have heard of them all and can name one the moment you see their familiar work flash before your eyes, then that’s commendable.

But if not, we found a book that will pique your interest in the arts a little bit more and introduce you to more people that have changed the world of the arts in their own respective fields. We are talking about The Art Book: New Edition.

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Detailed information about The Art Book: New Edition

This is the second edition of the widely popular and award-winning ‘The Art Book’ which has ultimately cemented its place in the art book world as one of the best of the best when it comes to cataloging art, its artists and the rich history of the industry.

Each artist has a highlighted work in the book, as well as some biographical and important information about them and their work, and is sorted alphabetically so you won’t have trouble finding a specific artist of your choice.


Comprehensive and educational

Colorful, entertaining and inspiring book for artists

Pretty affordable for what you get