“Dancing with Cats” Book Reviewed

Here is another fun and a whimsical book on the unique, mystical, and evidently very talented, cat. From the authors of “Why Cats Paint”, an international sensation and best seller, Burton Silver and Heather Busch have come up with another surefire winner in “Dancing with Cats”.

This tiny treasure is 7 inches tall by 6.9 inches wide and has 96 pages of adorable photos of frolicking felines and their human dance partners along with some interesting testimonials from the humans who love them.

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Detailed information about “Dancing with Cats” Book Reviewed

Burton Silver lives in New Zealand, and along with having penned several cat books, he is also a lecturer on the study of feline energy field dynamics. Co-author Heather Busch is an acclaimed photographer and artist who also lives in New Zealand and facilitates feline dance therapy workshops.

Who would have thought that there is actually a large group of people out there who make dancing with their kitties a group event? They meet for coffee, camaraderie and, yes, cat dancing sessions. We all know that kitties are incredibly agile so having a go at dancing with a feline partner might just limber up we humans a little bit as well.


Perfect coffee table book, fun and enlightening

A petite book, small in stature but huge on fun

Beautifully photographed and thoroughly entertaining

Available in hardcover, paperback and as an E-book on Kindle