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Wacom Intuos – Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet for Mac or PC

Here is an excellent gift for someone who does lots of digital editing and is into all things technology that encompasses the creative world.

Wacom Intuos Pro is one of the finest digital graphics drawing pen tablet to date. Built with Bluetooth connectivity and 8192 pressure sensitivity level, this professional-grade-drawing tablet pen is made using premium materials which include fiberglass composite resin and black iodized aluminum.

It features a sleek design and it’s made to capture the best of the editable versions of paper sketches and present them to the digital workflow.

The new Wacom Intuos Pro features remarkable tilt-response, exceptional pressure sensitivity, and practically lag-free tracking.

With this digital pen tablet, the user is able to have control of their creativity naturally as they illustrate, design and edit digitally using the new model of Wacom Intuos Pro.

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Detailed information about Wacom Intuos – Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet for Mac or PC

This pen gives the user a rare opportunity to turn the world into a magnificent creative place. It will awaken the creativity thirst in anyone, from amateurs to professional artists.

With exceptional features such the multi-touch gestures that let one zoom, pan and easily navigate, radial menus, customizable express keys, touch ring, and pen sides switches, the Intuos Pro certainly does provide easy shortcuts.

This way, it becomes easier for the user to individualize their digital workplace and navigate around their creative artwork as easily they would when they are using their smartphones.

Choose the best that will work for the recipient from small, medium to large and the different styles which include regular, paper edition and Wacom Intuos Pro plus a case.

The right size will depend on personal preference and how the pen will be used and the screen size. However, the most popular size is the medium size because it is ultra-slim and compact and offers a larger footprint and active area.

It also features the latest technology and has Bluetooth connectivity.


It has impressive features including multi-touch, express keys, Bluetooth, and compact footprint

Available in different sizes and models

Built using premium materials

It can be used on any software including Windows computer and Mac

The package comes with a pen stand