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Secret Lives of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Never Told You

If you have an artist, who is a friend or a family member they would be thrilled to have this hilarious book by Elizabeth Lunday and Mario Zucca titled Secret Lives of Great Artists. If you are looking for a fun gift to give to an artist, then this book is the real deal. It’s a fun book that will with no doubt leave them on the floor with laughter as they discover the dirty deeds and the naughty stuff about the great and famous artist of all times.

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Artists are wildly creative, talented and they express themselves through art. But a majority of them draw their inspiration from the great famous artists such as Leonard, Edward Hopper,  Vincent Van Gogh among others. These are the artists whose work still speaks volumes decades later, and they are a force to reckon with. Thus, it's only natural that an artist would be thrilled to find out details about their lives that were unknown to many.

But what a better to get this information other reading about the interesting tidbits and secret lives of the world’s renown artists. The book Secret Lives of Great Artists is written with hilarious and outrageous anecdotes about the famous, talented artists that will not only leave the reader utterly shocked but they will also have a good laugh while at it. The book, just as the title says, reveals gossipy stories about famous artists, their eccentric personalities and dirty deeds that will have the reader chuckling from page to page.


Available in Kindle and paperback format

Its written with hilarious anecdotes and it’s fun to read