Art: A Visual History

You would think that art as a subject would be brimming over with books offering visual descriptions of classic artistic reproductions, but from reading the title of this book it seems not. “Art: A Visual History” written by Robert Cumming is a hardcover book that contains exactly what it says on the cover. Art (and we don’t include music in this definition) requires a visual medium to fully explain its significance and its history and this book supplies everything that a reader would want.


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Detailed information about Art: A Visual History

The author of this book is a knowledgeable person skilled in the history of Western Art in all its forms. He has created a thought-provoking and easily understood tour of the creators of Western Art and sculpture.

This is the type of book to leave on a coffee table on display so that the interested person can open and browse the subjects which fascinate them. It contains many full-color photographs depicting some of the greatest visual art ever produced together with text to whet the reader’s appetite and hopefully encourage them to find out and enjoy more specialized books.

This is a book to give the art lover for Christmas or for a birthday. It is well written and sets out to do exactly what was intended, to encourage the reader and to give them a very thorough overview and understanding of Western Art throughout the centuries.


This hardcover book gives a thorough grounding for the beginner and the intermediate scholar of Western Art

It is suitable for School level as well as University level and for the amateur enthusiast

It covers just about all the major artists, their styles and their movements and explains the distinguishing factors that make the visual art what it is